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Friday, 8 January 2016

Featherstone's Great Britain Caps

Jimmy Thompson
Up until about 2007, playing for Great Britain was the pinnacle of a rugby league player's representative career. Here’s an impressive looking list of international footballers, all but one of whom started their professional career at Post Office Road. Steve Molloy is the odd man out. It can also be seen that seven Rovers players went on to gain more caps with other clubs after leaving Featherstone. Tommy Smales (scrum-half), Karl Pratt and Vince Farrar are among the very few players who left Rovers and then went on to win their first cap. There are also a number of players including Jeff Grayshon, Carl Gibson and Roy Powell who won GB caps before joining Featherstone.

1.   Jimmy Thompson: 20 Caps (Out of 21 in his career)
2.   Steve Nash: 16 Caps (Out of 24 in his career)
3.   Deryck Fox: 13 Caps (Out of 14 in his career)
4.   Paul Newlove: 10 Caps (Out of 20 in his career)
5.   David Hobbs: 8 Caps (Out of 12 in his career)
6.   Steve Evans: 8 Caps (Out of 10 in his career)
7.   Tommy Askin: 6 Caps
8.   Peter Smith: 6 Caps
9.   Arnie Morgan: 4 Caps
10.        Steve Molloy: 3 Caps (Out of 4 in his career)
11.        Keith Bridges: 3 Caps
12.        Malcolm Dixon: 2 Caps
13.        Gary Jordan: 2 Caps
14.        Terry Clawson: 2 Caps (Out of 14 in his career)
15.        Don Fox: 1 Cap
16.        Chris Bibb: 1 Cap

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