The long and rich history of Featherstone Rovers Rugby League Football Club

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Featherstone Rovers Families: Hidden connections

Some family relations are much harder to spot than others. For example, the Hemingway/Slater connection. I’m indebted to Frank and Steve Slater for pointing out that Frank Hemingway, our famous prop of the pre-war years was the grandfather of Ian Slater who played a number of games at stand-off in the mid 1980s. Short of researching every player’s complete family tree it would be difficult to discover this kind of information, which is why any help from fans related to former players would be appreciated.

Carl Dooler and Vaughen Thomas were cousins.

Tommy Saxton is Alan Banks’ nephew.

Easier to spot:

Ian Westwood and Graham Westwood are cousins.

Stuart Kain and Andy Kain are cousins.

Through marriage there have been many more connections. John Newlove and Charlie Stone are brothers-in-law, as are Tommy Smales and Jackie Fennell. I’m sure these would not be the only two.

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